Support Us

Contribute to our fundraising campaign

Leverage your talents, your interests or the people you know and share interests with!


Sell handcrafted products

Like Natacha, who made original personalized mugs during one of our annual fund-raising campaigns, you can make your own works of art (jewelry, canvases, embroidery, quilts, candles...) and donate the proceeds (or part of the proceeds) in the form of gifts or solicit donations.


Set up an online fundraising campaign

Post a message on your favorite social network, or send an e-mail or text message to friends and family, inviting them to contribute whatever they can. There's no such thing as a small donation. Pennies make dollars!


Organize a sporting event

A golf tournament, a soccer tournament, a billiards tournament, a rally... there's no better reason to get active for the cause!


Sell baked goods or ready-made meals

Are your molasses cookies the best in town?

Your shepherd's pie with your secret ingredient is always a treat for young and old alike?

No doubt you can bake these treasures and offer a donation drive.


Identify local partners

As Emmanuelle Villeneuve did with Rictus Tattoo Shop, the Tattoo toi pour la cause event was a great success!


Organize a garage sale

What better way to make room and give objects a second life, while supporting a cause close to your heart? You'll make three people happy in one good deed!


Organize a collection or activity in your workplace, company or club

From setting up piggy banks to organizing a team activity such as an autism awareness café, use your creativity because you know your gang.