How can you become autism-friendly?

To encourage inclusion of autistic individuals within the community, Trait d’Union Outaouais designed the “Autism-Friendly” program, offered in various categories and with multiple components to address various sectors of the community. TUOI also organizes a number of awareness events throughout the year, namely in April during Autism Awareness Month


Discover the various categories of the “Autism-Friendly” program: 

  • Recreational Category 

  • Academic Category 

  • Self-employed Workers Category 

  • Customized Format 

Through its awareness-building activities, TUOI aims to support professionals as well as the general population in developing an open and inclusive attitude toward autistic people. Everyone can become autism-friendly! 

Recreational Category

The recreational component of the “Autism-Friendly” program was created to encourage inclusion of autistic children in recreational activities offered by the city of Gatineau and other recreational organizations in the region. 

  • You are the parent of an autistic child 

An information kit is available on demand for parents of autistic children. The kit is specifically designed to support parents who wish to register their autistic child in a recreational activity offered in the community. It includes multiple tools to guide parents in choosing an adequate recreational activity and useful information to support the registration and follow-up process. Trait d’Union Outaouais offers information sessions periodically on this topic, within the scheduled activities for families. 


  • You are a provider of recreational activities 

Recreational activity providers who wish to better equip their staff in order to welcome autistic children within their groups have access to this 3-hour training program by Trait d’Union Outaouais. It enables staff to better understand autism and introduces simple tips to easily adapt their approach to include an autistic child.   

        Providers who completed this training include: 

  • Day camp ENFEX programs and swimming pool sector, city of Gatineau  

  • Sportball Outaouais’ Vikings day camp 

  • Sporthèque day camp  


Recreational activity providers wishing to receive the Autism-Friendly training can contact the program coordinator at 819 595-1290, ext. 41.  

Watch the video to learn more about our “Autism-Friendly” program (IN FRENCH ONLY).  

Elementary School Category

The Elementary School category of the Autism awareness program was launched in 2006 for elementary school students in regular classrooms or specialized education classes who are in contact with autistic peers. Through a series of interactive and fun activities in small groups, students experiment what it can be like to be and feel different from peers.   

This workshop helps students better understand various traits related to autism, and how they may affect their autistic peers’ ability to communicate, as well as their social skills. Students are also asked to find parallels between the way they and their autistic peers approach their daily tasks, and learn how they can help, as well as consider the strengths and abilities autistic students can possess. The program also aims to raise awareness about bullying that autistic children often face

The program is offered in the region’s elementary schools

For more information, please email us at or leave a message at 819-595-1290, ext. 41. 

Self-employed Workers Category

The Self-employed Workers category of the “Autism-Friendly” program was designed to help parents who would like to hire self-employed workers for respite, home care or accompaniment. The program’s goal is to educate workers about autism and the special characteristics and needs of autistic people so they can better support them. We are the “trait d’union”—the link—between the parents of children on the spectrum and the “Autism-Friendly” certified self-employed workers. 

  • You are the parent of an autistic child 
    The information kit includes tools to help you identify your needs, a list of resources for recruitment, and advice to prepare for the self-employed worker’s arrival. Occasionally, Trait d’Union Outaouais organizes sharing and information sessions where member parents can share their experiences and concerns, and find out about recruitment options in the area. In some cases, financial aid can be available for member families to help pay the self-employed workers’ fees. 

  • You are a self-employed worker 
    If you’re registered with a respite or care service organization, a student in a care field or want to work with autistic people on a self-employed basis, Trait d’Union Outaouais can give you basic training. This short program helps you learn more about autism and its characteristics, and how to adapt your approach in order to create a more positive experience with an autistic person and their siblings.  

A small fee applies for training and registration on our list of self-employed workers.  

To apply, please access the Events and Activities page.

Customized Format

With our “Autism-Friendly” program, Trait d’Union Outaouais offers customized 3- to 6-hour group workshops. Basic theoretical knowledge is introduced to help participants increase their understanding of autism and become more inclusive.   

For all enquiries, please email us at